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Sp. z o.o

40 - 005 Katowice
ul. Piastowska 7
tel. : 032 203 43 76
tel. : 032 203 43 77
e-mail: office@rentrans.pl

Sklad Stali

41 - 200 Sosnowiec
ul. Spoleczna 8
tel. (032) 291 82 62
tel. (032) 291 86 46 (~ 9 )
fax (032) 291 82 47
email: info@rentrans-stal.pl

Spedition Rentrans, with his divisions in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Szczecin, is proposing you a full service in the range of international transport and spedition. We offer you a complete service for deliveries of materials in the local and international transport by land, inland water comunication and by sea.

We carry out:
Spedition services for railway deliveries in export, import and transit as also in the interunion transport
Spedition services for deliveries by trucks, with own stock
Spedition services for inland water transports (barges)
Spedition services for transports by sea
Spedition services for container-deliveries, transported by trucks or railway
Transloading of containers in the ports of Gdańsk, Gdynia, Szczecin
Freightage of loadings in the range of deliveries by railway, trucks, inland water communication and by the sea
Transloading of materials at the warehouse in Sosnowiec
Bonded warehouse in Sosnowiec

Guarantee, for the highest level of our services, is the well educated and most experienced in spedition staff of our firm, who will always try to be helpful.

We secure for you a professional guidance in the range of:
logistic of transports
calculation of freight charges
selection of the optimal transport route
selection of the most suitable type of transport

The own railway loading siding, bonded warehouse and customs agency allow it also to use transloading in export and import. Many firms already have trusted us and we hope, that also You will favour us with your confidence.

We invite you for cooperation !
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