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Sp. z o.o

40 - 005 Katowice
ul. Piastowska 7
tel. : 032 203 43 76
tel. : 032 203 43 77
e-mail: office@rentrans.pl

Sklad Stali

41 - 200 Sosnowiec
ul. Spoleczna 8
tel. (032) 291 82 62
tel. (032) 291 86 46 (~ 9 )
fax (032) 291 82 47
email: info@rentrans-stal.pl

        The firm Rentrans has been established in the year 1991 by Mrs. Regina Szyma as a private company of limited liability, type joint venture, with contribution of Austrian capital. Today Rentrans Ltd. is a firm, which range of activity are comlete spedition services in the international and national turnover of goods.The firm is carrying out deliveries by sea, rail and trucks.

        In the year 1995 a new branch has been founded in Sosnowiec, engaged in steel trade. At the beginning, it have been qualities of carbon steel and from 1996 exclusively acid resistant steels. This branch has his residence at a place, wich is convenient for the clients, close to the traffic road Warszawa-Katowice. The firm Rentrans in Sosnowiec renders services in the range of foil covering of plates as also cutting of profiles to required sizes. The firm is an official distributor of ALFA LAVAL, the producer of fittings, valves, pumps, control equipments of presure flow, equipment for washing of containers, sampling systems for the food industry. Rentrans offers in Sosnowiec from stock fittings and valves produced by this firm. The remaining assortment, our firm is importing against individual orders. ALFA LAVA serves als technical experties, allowing the proper choice of materials and being helpful in the development of systems.

        In Sosnowiec Rentrans has a warehouse foe materials and a bonded warehouse, to which goods can be delivered by rail. In our disposition is an own railway loading siding. The area of the warehouse, being in whole property of our firm, ammounts to 32.000 m2 , out of which 11000 m2 are equipped with cranes and fork lift trucks. We are rendering transloading and storage services for gooda also in the bonded warehouse.

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